ZOU Yuanxi

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Metallurgy and Materials Scientist,Metallurgy and Materials, Scientist

Prof. Zou was specialized in metallurgy and materials science. Born in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province, China, he graduated from Zhejiang University in 1937 and received his Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Carnegie, Pittsburgh, U.S.A. He was a professor, the director and honorary Chairman of www8455con of Metallurgy.

In the 1950s, Prof. Zou was engaged in the research of behavior and smelt process in blast furance for rare-earth iron mine with F element at Baotou Iron and Steel Plant and solved this problem together with Prof. Zhou Ren, which played an important role in developing the steel production of Baotou Iron and Steel Plant.

In 1957, he was the first to adopte new technology of blast furnace for iron mine with V - Ti elements in the world and implement the new technique of air blowing . Since the 1960s , he was engaged in the research of the physical and chemical properties of semiconductor materials and the relevant high purity metals. 

Under his guidance, the research group studied and manufactured high purity metals including Ga, P and As etc., which laid a good foundation for the research and production of high purity metals. He was dedicated to the studies improving the As-Ga material quality and decreasing the defect of products from the perspective of physics and chemistry. After studying the material structure defect, he proposed a new As-Ga defect structure defect model.


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