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SIMIT People Reported in MIOMD-IX Meeting
2008-10-06 | A A A  【print】【close

People from the 2nd R&D department gave the special report named 2.4-2.7m InGaAs metamorphic photodetectors and oral report Distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers operating at 420K  in the international MIOMD-IX meeting held in Germany from 7th to 11th, Sep.

MIOMD meeting is the high levelinternational meeting in its field. SIMIT people have attended this meeting for more than 10years in success and enjoy the membership of MIOMD science committee. The MIOMD-IX held in Freiburg, Germany this year has received papers from around 30 countries and more than 100 people attended this meeting. Besides the papers mentioned above, postgraduates from SIMIT also submitted another two posters, which made SIMIT the only one organization in China mainland to submit papers. People from the the 2nd R&D department also took part in the IQCLSW08 meeting held in Switzerland from 14th to 19th, Sep. , which is the first time they attended this level of international meeting and submitted related papers.

The next MIOMD-X meeting will be held by SIMIT in Shanghai in Sep., 2010.

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