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IEEE Fellow Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan visited the Institute for academic exchanges
2008-12-16 | A A A  【print】【close

As invited by Researcher Sun Xiaowei, the Director of Division 5, Prof. Madhavan Swaminatham of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology on 14-16 December. Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan has published over 300 papers in the study of the system on package field, and has 15 patents, with two books published “Power Integrity Modeling and Design for Semiconductors and Systems”, and “Introduction to System on Package”. He co-invented Jacket Micro Devices. Before joining Gatech, he was involved in the study of super computer package technology in IBM. He was awarded the Outstanding Technology Award 2007 (SRC/GRD), and awarded the Joseph M.Pettit professorship.

In the morning on 15 December, Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan visited Cao He Jing Division packing line, Radio Frequency Microsystem Technology Laboratory accompanied by Mr. Zhou Jian, Executive Deputy Director of Division 5, and exchanged ideas with Researcher Sun Xiaowei, Director of Division 5, and Researcher Luo Le of Division 1 and other related researchers.

In the afternoon, Researcher Luo Le introduced the development of package technology of the Institute and the challenges we have. Afterwards, Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan gave a report on “System on Package----A New Paradigm for System Integration”. Nearly 40 employers and students of the Institute attended the conference.

The report introduced the developing trend of the system on package technology in the world, focusing on the integrated RF technology on LCP based support, RF SIP technology on silica-based support, the electricity – heat management technology on package, and the anti EMI technology, etc, which have provided effective technology for the micromation of wireless communication system. The report also introduced the design, CAD and testing technology of SIP and SOP in detail. The attendees had heated discussions with Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan on difficulties in their simulation software design and Si base RF SIP researches. The attendees generally agreed that the lecture is very inspiring to the research of advanced system on package technology and the radio frequency microsystem technology, and helpful for understanding the international technology development and improving innovation abilities.

The lecture is helpful to improve the mutual understanding and communication between two parties, laying a good ground for future cooperation.




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