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The opening ceremony of “China Australia Tera-Hertz Technology Allied Laboratory” was held in SIMIT
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The opening ceremony of “China Australia Tera-hertz Technology Allied Laboratory” was held in SIMIT in the morning on 26 December, which was attended by Researcher Feng Songlin, Head of the Institute, Prof. Zhang Chao of the University of Wollongong, Australia, Researcher Wang Yuelin, Head Assistant of the Institute, Mr. Hu Shanrong, Director of the Technology Department, Ms. Zhou Ping, Director of the Party Politics Management, Researcher Cao Juncheng, Director of Division 2, and main researchers of Division 2.

Mr. Feng Songlin the Head of the Institute, gave a speech first, highly recognised the cooperation and research done by Chinese and Australian researchers in Tera-Hertz (THz) area, and wished a greater success in the future cooperation. Prof. Zhang Chao introduced the profile of the University of Wollongong, Australia, as well as the research, allied funds and equipment of the THz research team and the Superconducting and Electronic Materials Institute. Researcher Cao Juncheng introduced the background and meaning of the establishment of the allied laboratory, the Sino-Australian cooperation fund and the future of the cooperation.

Researcher Cao Juncheng and Prof. Zhang Chao signed the cooperation agreement as the representatives of the allied laboratory. Researcher Feng Songlin, the Head of the Institute, and Prof. Zhang Chao unveiled the nameplate of the allied laboratory together. Afterwards, attendees of the ceremony had heated discussion with Prof. Zhang Chao, and expressed several cooperation intentions between China and Australia.

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