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Researchers in Division 4 attended the ISO/IEC JTC1 SGSN Workshop and achieved rich results
2009-10-19 | A A A  【print】【close

On 15-17 April, ISO/IEC JTC1/SGSN Workshop was held in Seoul, South Korea, which was attended by over 200 delegates from China, United States, France, Germany, UK, Norway, and South Korea, etc. Researcher Xing Tao, Dr. Shen Jie, and Dr. Pan Qiang gave key-note speeches on “The public applications and services of the sensor network”, “An overview of key technologies in the sensor network” and “The collaboration and messaging technology in the sensor network” respectively.

The workshop also carried out broad discussions focusing on the medium to long-term evolution of ISO/IEC JTC1 SGSN organisation, the international standardisation of the sensor network, and the mass production model of the sensor network, etc. For the purpose to establish an international standard on the sensor network collaboration, researchers of Division 4, together with other Chinese delegates, expressed clearly their suggestions on setting up a sensor network standardisation team (SWG) under JTC1, which had received consensus with delegates from the United States, Germany, South Korea and UK. The proposal will be submitted this October in the JTC1 conference.

During the workshop, we discussed with German delegates from Fraunhofer on the cooperation in the research of the sensor network, clarified the cooperation intentions, and initiated relevant procedures. Meanwhile, we’ve also started primary negotiation with American delegates on further cooperation. After the workshop, Division 4 delegates visited USN Centre of South Korea as invited, and studied and exchanged ideas on the strategic planning and development of the sensor network in South Korea.




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