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SIMIT scientific equipment research project “the high power microwave on-wafer measurement system” passed the inspection and acceptance procedure successfully
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SIMIT scientific equipment research project “the high power microwave on-wafer measurement system” conducted by SIMIT Researcher Sun Xiaowei passed the formal inspection and acceptance procedure on 24 February. The inspection was hosted by Mr. Tian Dongsheng from the Planning and Financial Bureau of the Institute. Mr. Hu Shanrong, Director of the SIMIT Technology Department, attended the meeting.

After testing on the site and review of the experiment record, the testing expert team all agreed that the testing specifications and indexes of “the high power microwave on-wafer measurement system” were compliant with the requirements in the contract. The expert team listened to the work report from the project team and the test report from the testing team, and reviewed the technical report provided by the project team and had heated Q&A session. They also checked the positioning and operation status of the equipment on site and agreed that “the high power microwave on-wafer measurement system” based on pulse DC feed bias methods combined with the load pull impedance deploy technology, has realized the on-wafer test function of highest output power under the best matching condition for the microwave power chip. The measurement used software synchronising and completed the set up of the test software platform, which was proved stable and reliable with correct measurement algorithm and credible system calibration method through the application to the testing system of on-wafer automatic microwave power chip. The devices operated normally reaching the expected technical indexes. The technical documentations are complete. The fund has been spent reasonably. The expert team all agree to pass the project inspection.

 “The high power microwave on-wafer measurement system” project is the second device research project undertaken by SIMIT, which has achieved innovative research result in the function integration and innovation, as well as the intelligent system control automation, etc. During the implementation of the project, SIMIT has applied for 1 China patent, acquired 3 registrations on IC layout designs, published 6 papers including SCI-collected papers, and cultivated 2 graduate students. The successful inspection and acceptance of the project marks a new stage for the device research of SIMIT.

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